January 16th, 2020

Quake Tools 1.2.1


  • bsp2svg: Added a white background. Seeing rasterized versions with a transparent background was hurting my soul.

Quake Tools 1.2.0


  • bsp2svg: Better sorting of faces for a more aesthetically pleasing render. And more accurate, but pretty is better.
  • bsp2svg: Now takes a list of texture names to ignore when rendering. Monster closets begone!
  • all tools: Now are the same version as the package. I realized versioning them individually was silly.


  • bsp2svg: Fixed crash when face referenced a missing miptexture. Where did it go?
  • image2spr & spr2image: Were not ported and were missing. Now they are back!


quake-tools-windows.zip 19 MB
Version 1.2.0 Jan 16, 2020
quake-tools-macos.zip 18 MB
Version 1.2.0 Jan 16, 2020

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